Clothing and Accessories

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Clothing and Accessories

Ravencest Reenactment supplies a wide range of basic and excellent quality reenactment clothing for men and fighters....



  • Shirts and Trousers

    Linen and woollen trousers, tunic and shifts for male reenactors and fighters. Ravencrest sell a range of basic, but excellent quality clothing items perfect for Medieval and Viking periods.

  • Cloaks and outer wear

    Ravencrest stock a selection of both fighting outwear and cloaks together with several styles of jacket and waistcoats based upon designs worn by men in the 14th and 15th centuries. For those reenactors wishing to portray one of the main orders of knights Ravencrest stock surcoats and cloaks for Teutonic, Crusader and Hospitaller.

  • Accessories

    Ravencrest stock a range of accessories including brass points, laces with points already attached, horn spectacles and leather money pouches. All our accessories are authentically made according to original designs from pieces from the Medieval period.

  • Bags and Purses

    Leather bags and purses are an essential part of the reenactor's wardrobe, being the only thing to keep small items and small change in. Ravencrest stock a range of leather kidney bags and belt purses, as well as decorations for these, specialising in Medieval and Viking period items These are complimented perfectly with our authentic brass buckles and belts, also found in clothing and accessorises.

  • Buttons & Badges

    Buttons, badges for period garments