Medieval Armour

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Medieval Armour

A full range of battle ready armour for reenactment and living history; from full suits to individual pieces, in...



  • Gauntlets

    Articulated and mitten plate gauntlets from the Churburg, Milanese and Gothic styles. All our gauntlets are manufactured to be battle ready, made in 16 gauge steel and incorporate either a leather glove or straps.

  • Bevors and Aventails

    A range of bevors, gorgets and aventails suitable for Medieval helmets for reenactment and full contact fighting.

  • Arms and Shoulder Armour

    A variety of authentic plate armour for the arms and shoulder areas of the body, including pauldrons and spaulders, upper and lower cannons, and elbow cops. All have complimentary gauntlets and cuirass for compiling a full suit over time.All our plate armour is manufactured from between 14 gauge and 18 guage steel for strength and authenticity.

  • Torso and Body Armour

    Ravencrest stock a wide range of plate and chain armour for the torso and body area, suitable to be worn as both individual pieces and as part of a full harness if you wish to buy a full suit over time. Our range of brigandines, cuirass, and back and breast plates are all suitable for reenactment style fighting. We also stock a range of similar products for full contact Medieval and ancient warfare fighting, with some being suitable for both. Please contact us on for advice if you need any assistance.

  • Leg and Foot Armour

    Ravencrest stock a range of authentic and highly durable plate armour greaves, sabatons, cuisses and poleyns to cover the entire leg and foot. Our plate armour is sourced from a variety of manufacturers so we are not reliant upon any one and can source a range of styles and periods, although we focus on Medieval manufacturing methods, metal weights and styles are detailed within each listing and we are happy to advise further is you require more help.

  • Gambesons and Padded Arming

    Ravencrest stock a range of different gambeson colours and lengths, all suitable for a variety of armour styles. Utilising traditional manufacturing methods, barrack blankets are stitched together with quilted, heavy duty canvas (mimicking closely the linen used during the medieval period) as the inner and outer fabrics, creating a comfortable and durable garment, suitable for wearing on its own or with the additional protection of mail or plate over the top.Additionally padded accessories, such as gorgets, arming coifs and padded cuisses (legs) extend the excellent protection afforded by such padded armour across the entire body.