Reenactment Weaponry

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Ravencrest reenactment stock a range of blunted and sharp weaponry for a variety of periods including Medieval and...



  • Daggers

    Ravencrest reenactment stock a range of athame, bollock/ballack, and roundel or rondel daggers with both sharp and blunted blades. Our range of sizes and finishes mean we have something for every ocass

  • Spears

    Ravencrest Reenactment's range of spears include styles suitable for both Medieval and Viking reenactors. We sell a range of parts such as spear tips for thrusting and throwing and butts. As a special request we are able to provide shafts.

  • Axes and Maces

    Ravencrest reenactment sell a range of both axes and maces for a number of periods including Medieval, War of the Roses and Viking. We are happy to add a hard-wood handle to any of the spear tips or butts, axe-heads or mace-heads available on our website.

  • Bucklers and Shields

    Ravencrest sell a range of round and shaped bucklers and larger shields suitable for the middle and late Medieval and Renaissance periods. If you would like any help or assistance in buying or selecting your buckler, shield or other accompanying weaponry please call us on 07809 874 224.

  • Poleaxes and Halberds

    Poleaxes were Medieval long-handles infantry foot-man's weapon, and the knightly weapon of choice for dismounted combat on account of their reach and power.. They were a war hammer type head fixed onto the end of a long shaft, anywhere between five and eight feet in length. The poll-axe or pole axe usually consisted of both hammer and bladed sides, to give the combatant choice of sharp or blunt blows.Ravencrest stock a range of poleaxe heads and halberds for the Medieval reenactor. All our examples are carefully sourced for quality and historical authenticity.