Battle of the Nations weaponry coming soon to Ravencrest

HMB swords arriving any day - only 10 available.

                                                    Our swords pre-clean 

Ravencrest have been working with our armour shop partner to create a range of weaponry suitable for HMB full-contact fighting. These swords form the first part of what we hope will be an expansive range across several types of weapon with a number of weights in each design.

The initial falchion design is a medium weight sword with a total length of 31 inches or 78.74cm long. The weight is 1.36kg; packing a substantial punch even as the medium weight option. It's heavier brother-in-arms is a meaty 1.56kg and guaranteed to leave some heads ringing when it makes contact.

The design of the handle includes a D-shaped hand guard that will protect the fingers and accounts for changes to the rules which exclude the popular J-hand guard, as well as the Battle of the Nations helmet logo incoroprated into the metal. The handles will be sold unbound as we have found that people want so many different options to finish their purchase that it is hard to please everyone - so you can use whatever you want now :)

                    J-hand guard falchion

The latest update is that the swords are back from being heat treated and will be sent after one final clean. These swords are now available to purchase online and at events we are attending for the remainder of 2014.

Battle of the Nations logo detail on the handle

Steel falchion handle and blade


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