Ravencrest supply accessories for 'The Wolf from the Door'

The Wolf from the Door

Opening at the Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square on the 10th September, The Wolf from the Door stars Anna Chancellor as Lady Catherine and Calvin Demba as her protege Leo, who are on a mission to change the face of Middle England forever with the help of every amatuer group and hobby meeting. From Hot Yoga to the Women's Institute, no-one is safe.

Ravencrest were contacted by the Wardrobe Supervisor of the Royal Court as she required two pairs of historically authentic Medieval boots for the play's main characters. We were really pleased to be able to assist with such a unique production that has already won the George Devine Award.

Tickets are prices from £10.00 and the play is unsuitable for those under the age of 15, as it includes brief full-frontal nudity, swearing and some violence.

“- We don’t actually drink coffee at my coffee morning. – What do you do, then? – We discuss the violent overthrow of the government. Also, there’s flower arranging.”

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