The success of one happy Ravencrest customer

Ravencrest would like to wish our customer John 'Sharkey' Quayle on his success in full-contact armoured fighting this summer. Not only did he represent the United Kingdom for the first time this summer at the Battle of the Nations tournament in Trogir Croatia, but he also scored highest in the UK Federation National Championships and was crowned National Winner for 2014.

Joh said of his experience of ordering his armour with Ranvecrest this year;

I placed my order for my armour with Ravencrest in time for the Battle of the Nations World Championship. The armour itself fitted like a glove and not once did it give me any problems or played on my mind before competing. My measurements were to the letter, which I was worried about. I've worn armour in the past that didn't quite fit and changes the way you move.. Overall, well happy with the build quality. It was not damaged during the tournament and took twenty minutes for my squire to fit to my body. Excellent service!"

John Quayle 

2014 UK HMB National Champion


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